Our farm is open daily from
8am – 6pm and free for all
the family to come and visit
all the farm animals.

We have around 30 Aberdeen Angus cows ranging from a few weeks old calves all the way up to 30 month old finished cows. The cows along with our sheep are naturally fed on grass and vegetables. We have 3 different breeds of sheep on our farm, Hampshire Downs, Kerry Hill and Texels

Hampshire Down A gorgeous looking sheep, very stocky producing great tasting meat.

Kerry Hill They have a very distinctive look with great maternal Instincts. Producing very healthy Lambs.

Texel The Texel is a very muscular looking sheep that produces a lean meat carcass perfect for market. 

Between March and April the ewes are brought into the barn for lambing and we invite you to come and get up close and personal during this amazing time of year, with bottle feeding taking place twice daily. 

Along with our 500 chickens roaming free every day are our pet pigmy goats and kune kune pigs. These are very much pets and love attention in particular a good stroke. 

New for 2016 are our home breed pure saddle back piglets, also come and visit their very friendly mother ‘Pepper’.

If you’re passing pop in and say hi...  The Old Farm Shop | Milton Hill | Abingdon | OX13 6AG